Message from the founding president:

About us
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Hello friends,


Our Global Village Charitable Foundation, has been serving the community since 2014, and was incorporated with the Society Act of BC on Feb 2, 2016. Our mission is to bring people together by creating platforms for them to engage, address and act towards making impactful contributions for the betterment of our society.


To deliver on our diverse and dynamic projects, we collaborate with individuals, community partners and government bodies. Creative and critical dialogue, We believe that  bring about effective and efficient solutions. 


Together we can, together we are and together we will. 

Meera Gill 
Founding President

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Dear friends,


our objectives to create doable and farsighted solutions are to:


  • Increase acceptance and care for the vulnerable members of our community i.e folks dealing with homelessness, mental illness, and drug addiction;

  • Initiate and promote powerful dialogue and action on social and political issues such as climate change, human rights (especially promotion of gender equality) and to

  • Eengage community on collectively addressing social development of youth, and wellbeing of our seniors.

We are a trendsetter organization that is creating harmonic bridges between social, political and cultural aspects of a modern life to create a progressive society.


Please join us to make a better tomorrow.

Jatinder Bhatia 
President (2021)

Meet our team


Ericka Virk Dhindsa

Youth Wing Coordinator

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Aman Kaler


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Gurpreet Bassi

Art & Craft Coordinator

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Senior Advisor


Harchand Josh



Inderjit Rode

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Amarjit Josh

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Sukhjinder Sangha

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Bhupinder Dhaliwal

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Harkirat K. Chahal

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Amrit Grewal

Volunteer of the Year 2018


Swarnjit Kaur Grewal

Volunteer of the Year 2019

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Gurdev Kaur Bains

Volunteer of the Year 2020


Harjit Kaur