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Our Global Village Foundation is a trendsetting non-profit organization.


The mission of this foundation is to create harmonic bridges and raise social, political, and cultural awareness. We believe that solutions to the toughest issues relating to human rights, peace, and progress can only be achieved through active, focused and good intentional dialogue.


With the support of volunteers and supporters, we have sucesfully run many projects since 2014. Holding a public debate between the federal candidate in 2015; dialogue on their party policies between the federal election candidates in 2019; doing workshops and forums on parenting, and anti drug and gangs; hosting seminar on green economy; peace talks between religion and regions; serving thousands of hot meals, gently used and new cloths to the homeless community of Surrey; recognizing individuals who are positively contributing towards the Society; taking senior on road trips; celebrating various cultural events; making and distributing over 24000 free fabric masks and distributing high visibility reflector vests to seniors are a few examples of what has kept us engaged with the community.

Safety awareness campaign-
Saving  lives by making them visible: 
Distribution of high visibility reflector vests for seniors in need is underway. We are distributing these vests in various parks as well as upon phone requests. 

Book club for women: Inspiring Punjabi women through emotional and intellectual interactions to social, cultural and political awareness as well as participation.


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Our Purpose
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