PROJECTS 2015- 2019

February 6, 2016

"What the world needs now... is love, sweet love!"

We walked to demonstrate through our action that we desire with all the love and faith in our hearts to work shoulder to shoulder with people of all religions to build a community based on cooperation, mutual support, a...

November 10, 2015

It took six days of hard work by artist Don Li-Leger and Friends of The Grove, to finish the Encyclopedia House. Sixty-four square foot “house” was made out of recycled encyclopedias and books donated by the community.

Don Li-Leger has a unique way of seeing people gath...

November 9, 2014

THE Human Being: All the people who value human life and see the reason for defending human rights would have an opportunity to meet a man, be in presence of that person whose heart, mind and body have been devoted to fight; fight you ask? Yes fight against injustice....

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