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Farmers' protest- A peaceful practice of democratic right

For centuries, famers of Punjab who's sons defended the nation from the outsiders are now defending their existence and survival of their families from the insiders..

The farmers protest, that is one of the largest peaceful protest in the history is letting the character of Punjabies and Indians being revealed yet again on the global stage. History is not only being written but is being engraved. Misinformed Indian and global citizen about the true humble, compassionate and strong character of Punjabis portrait as violent individuals is being corrected.

Our Prime Minister, Right Honorable Justin Trueduea has also supported this protest and has condemned acts of violence of the Indian government against the famers of India. These famers are asking for three recent laws imposed to them without consultation to be repealed so that they the control of the yield and its profit does not go to the corporations.

This video was produced by one of our director and dedicated members of our youth volunteer team. We congratulate them for their meaningful work to highlight and honour the strength and struggle of women while the men of their family are peaceful protesting to protect survival of their future generation.

We feel that leaders of people in all democracies of this world must speak up and speak up in unity against the brutalities and exploitation of the farmers by the Indian government.

This time also calls on all global citizens not only to step up to maintain global peace and stop exploitation of those who are the foundation of all economies, but to fill the tall order to protect the right to protest.

We stand with the farmers.

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