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Gardening with greater awareness

Gardening, in your own yard or as a community, is a great mental and physical exercise. At the very minimum it supports proper health, relieves stress, provide exercise and nutrition. At its best, it gives us chance to build a deeper relationship with ourselves, our family and nature. When we spend time with soil, water and plants we not only realize but get the opportunity to fulfil our responsibilities towards others as well as our planet earth.

Aug 22, 2020, Our Global Village Charitable Foundation gave out herb plants to those ladies who were active part of their yoga and deep breathing initiative. Member of Legislative, Jinny Sims also joined us to congratulate us on this initiative and also brought us the message from the Premier of British Columbia recognizing our longest and strongest mask making project to flatten the curve.

In days to come we will be trying to raise awareness and encourage friends towards lower fertilizer use, less of a water-greedy environment, and the use

of natural pest control measures. Youth today needs better understanding that we need plants in the world, not just for food, but for clean air and water, oxygen production, and a myriad of other things as well. Plants are part of the fabric of our environment and without plants, our lives are not possible.

We believer that the awareness, active and responsible engagement with nature only can be achieved with our collective effort.

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