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Racism kills: I can't breathe

Never forget 1984, Black lives matters, missing and murdered indigenous women, #gaypride, like many powerful messages have been out there that carry with them much pain and history of discrimination. We at Our Global Village took initiative on June 6th to raise awareness in women by hosting an event where we invited Jinny Sims, MLA Surrey newton as well as India Prsht, Sociologist at the Langara College and activist for human rights.

Following is what we at the OGV believe in, stand up for ask for the global citizens to consider:

If people are from a diverse background in your area but your representatives are not, then the system is rigged in favour of white people, the political parties are lead by racist groups. Call them it: call them the racist parties.

If staff at a business is diverse, but the top management is not, then the system is rigged in favour of white people. The organization is racist. Call them it: call them a racist organization.

If members of a union belong to a diverse group but the leadership is white, then inner system is rigged in favour of white people and people of colour are NOT protected, NOT represented and that union is racist. Call them it, call them a racist union.

A white man, a white women, a white person with disabilities and a white LGBTQ2+ person might discriminate with each other but they are ARE ALL WHITE for a racist white person and others are not.

Let’s demystify racism.

If a white man who discriminate against a white woman, mistreats her, abuses her and thinks he is superior than her even when she is more educated, more experienced or more competent than him then he is a sexist. Call him it, call him a sexist.

If he still leaves a space in leadership for her instead of letting a more competent person of colour get in on the decision table then he is racist. Call him it, call him a racist.

If a woman disapproves letting people chose who to love and holds a taboo against LGBTQ2+ group, then she is a heterosexist. Call her it, call her a heterosexist.

If a white women supports, protects and leaves a space for a less competent straight white man, white women or even a white LGBTQ2+ person and humiliate, harassed or not let get ahead a competent person of colour ( man, women, LGBTQ2+, aboriginal person or person with a disability) then she is a racist. Call her it, call her a racist.

If a white gay person is leading a LGBTQ group and he robs job opportunities from and takes out his frustration against the people of colour( especially the LGBTQ people ) instead of addressing his pain coming from his own circle of white family and friends who have not accepted him then he is a racist. Call him it, call him a racist.

Call them who they are. Speak up. Society at large, including all people with varying degree of pigmentation in their skin, need to work together and take the first step of naming the issue.

Second step is to take accountable measures to increase representations in school staff, school principles, heads of colleges, universities, unions, public and private sector organizations to bring forward caring, competent and wise people to lead us towards a kinder and progressive future.

We also need to heal with love the insecure, incompetent, and racist people who have thus far been protected and promoted by the privileged system set up by their fellow clan.

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