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Covid 19: Raising awareness, offering protection

We have been making and distributing fabric masks since April 2020. So far over 19,000 masks for the adults, children and adults wearing turbans have been distributed.

While disturbing free masks has been our main initiative since April 2020, raising awareness in our community has been an even bigger goal. While we have distributed masks at many religious places (Gurudawaras, Hindu Mandirs and mosques), non profit societies serving homeless communities, we have also done major distributions for the schools going children.

Our charity is proud to share that we are the only non profit orgnazaition that has been serving the community by making thousands of masks by the help of over 40 volunteers. Our weekly Facebook lives engaged thousands of global friends who saw how each mask was made with care and precision along with the spirit of giving back to the community.

Many media groups, political and community leaders, businesses, academic personals and common people came to the studio where thousands of these masks were being made to pick up masks, share their gratitude, offer donations and cover the volunteer work that was done from 11:00am to 11: 00pm.

We since have been recognized by the local media house, the Premier of British Columbia, individual Members of the Parliament, members of the Legislative assembly as well as recognized in the Parliament of Canada.

More details to be included in months to come.

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