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Appeal to public ( SaveAfganSikhs)

Respected all:

Three acts can help Afghani Sikhs and Hindus:

1) While signing a petition is a good gesture to show public temperament, we are suggesting to say it directly to your MP to provide direct sponsorship and work with UN to provide them immigrate protection. Here is a link:

2) For immediate protection ask UNAMA directly to provide protection as well as refugee status so that people or organizations can apply for refugee sponsorship.

3) Indian government has a huge role to play. Please ask local MPs in Punjab or External Affairs Minister to pursue Indian government to give temporary visa and bring in these 500 Afghan Sikh and Hindu families to india for the time being. › drsjaishankarDr. S. Jaishankar (@DrSJaishankar) | Twitter

Kind regards,

Meera Gill

On behalf of OGV family and friends

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