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PARTNERSHIP: NAAD (Creative Writing)


Some 15 creative minds made up our Creative Writing class on 28 November 2015. Ajmer Rode started with a discussion on Ways of Seeing and how it relates to creative thinking and creative writing; how intellectual, emotional and conative aspects of our consciousness are involved in the creation of literary works. The discussion was done on an accessible level using very simple word. Participants got involved in the discussion and enjoyed it thoroughly before moving on to our usual free-writing exercises, actual writing, and sharing of the written pieces. The starting discussion in every session is usually on a new topic related to writing, and prepares the students for writing.

“Creative (writing) class was totally unknown to me till yesterday but today it was a best experience of the class in my life; and this was the first class ever I never slept.” - a participant.

The classes are held at Naad Foundation, # 109 – 12414 82 Ave, Surrey. For more information, phone Amarjeet Singh @ 778 883-2627. or

Photography by: Gurleen Kaur

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