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#ElectHER- Women in politics

July 12, 2021

Media release

Women make up 50% of the Canadian population but not the same in leadership positions within the public or the private sector. Our Parliament is the role model institution for our country. In 2021, in it the presence of more than 70% men

and less than 30% women is a blunt evidence and report card of the performance and priorities of all political parties on the foundational issue of gender equity that impacts all aspects of our lives.

Federal election are anticipated to be just around the corner. All parties will be making various claims, commitments and arguments. We ask that you join us for gender balanced Parliament of Canada by asking following questions to all political party leaders and candidates.

  1. Would your party promise that 50% of their candidates will be women and that these women will include women of colour, with various ethnical, linguistic and professional backgrounds?

  2. Would your party not use women as token representation and instead will nominate mature and experienced women? We need them to speak with wisdom and vision at the policy making tables to end systemic barriers, racism and gender based discrimination.

  3. Would your party promise to make every effort in good faith to help women candidates win, e.g. you will give women the winnable ridings, give them resources and public platforms for their campaigns?

  4. Once elected, would you promise to end racism and remove century old systemic barriers in the public service by ensuring that in the next 4 years, diverse group of women will hold 50% jobs at all decision making tables, from entry to the highest management levels?

  5. The following provision could be temporary or permanent only to ensure that winnable seats that are currently held by men, can be vacated to meet the goal of 50% equitable representation of women. Would you support your party to make a policy that:

  6. A person can only be elected to be MP for two full terms and

  7. Former MPs are expected to volunteer minimum of 10 hours a month with local charities, societies, sports clubs etc. on their advisory boards to contribute towards building a well informed society and a progressive democracy.

We hope and request that for inclusive Canada, you will repeatedly reflect, act and ask these five questions to each of the party leaders, candidates, donors and supporters, now during the federal election and then for the provincial and municipal elections. This process must also continue for all non-political institutions as well.

Our commitment and active work are focused on building collaborations. Through initiating an on going and progressive dialogues, we educate and raise awareness on social issues to find progressive solutions for a better tomorrow. We would very much appreciate and would like to count on your support in this and future endeavours. Please let us know if you have any questions and if we have your support.

Kind regards,

Meera Gill


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