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Canadian Federal Elections: Dialogue on Political Policies

Engage, Reflect, Decide

Dear friends,

Our respected guest speakers for the event held on Sept 28th, 2019, “Dialogue on Political Policies”, a free public forum were-

Candidates for Surrey Newton: Sukh Dhaliwal (Liberal), Harpreet Singh (Conservative), Harjit Singh Gill (NDP),

Candidates for Fleetwood- Port Kells: Anni Ohana (NDP), Ken Hardie (Liberal), Mike Poulin (PPC)

Candidates for Surrey Centre: Sarjit Saran (NDP),Tina Bains (Conservative) Randeep Singh Sarai (Liberal) and John Werring (Green party of Canada)

Event was started with our national anthem, O Canada, followed by letting all attendees know that they have choice to give gift of life by filling in an organ donation form.

The formal dialogue started with one member, from each party, telling the attendees, what and how their party has contributed in making Canada what it is today. Thereafter three riding members were asked to sit on a panel and were asked three distinct policy questions to clear their party's stand on it.

Questions covered, commitment to the responsible climate policies, drug/ violence and vaping issues, plans to invest in youth, using technology as a solution to congestion, homelessness, low employment in women and more, number of immigrants planned in the future, any settlement strategies for future immigrants, place of women and especially the absence of women of colour on the decision making tables and support for the human rights act.

Event was concluded by giving two minutes each to the candidates to speak on their individual contributions to the community and why one shall consider voting for them. All candidates were then presented by the a plaque, thanking them for taking their time out of busy campaign activities to dedicate themself to the promotion of democracy through dialogue with youth and women. It was a well attended and watched public forum.

We thank all public members, media representatives, sponsors and our volunteer family for making this historic event of Sept 28th a success. We also thank and appreciate the kind and responsible attendance of MLA Jagrup Singh and Jinny Sims.

All of us jointed to know more about the political policies of each of our federal parties to encourage higher participation of all Surrey residents but with a special focus on youth and women. Hope it would have assist all who attended in person and also hundreds more who watched this dialogue live on the Channel Punjabi. We are very much thankful of receiving such a responsible and influential platform to share our message of awareness in a non combative and more accountable manner.

We share with much joy and pride that this event was of a great success and the tradition of dialogue that we have started, will serve as a strong suggestion for others to follow in years to come.

We again encourage all, especially our youth and women to take advantage of the live coverage of this informative event to get to know your candidates and the party mandates, to help you decide your who you would like to vote for on Oct 21st, 2019.

Here is the link for of the live coverage by Channel Punjabi

Finally we congratulate Sukh Dhaliwal, Randeep Sarai and Ken Hardie for winning the honor and opportunity to serve Canadians.

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