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2017 Visakhi with the Homeless

Respected all: In the album you will find a media release about the Visakhi Langar that our team of humble volunteers will be serving on April 23, 2017, at the Lookout Society, 10667 135A Street and a few pictures to street. While serving them we have looked into the sad eyes of the deserted homeless folks who live in the tents at the 135A Street through the extreme weather conditions. We want to appeal to you, as you all are aware people and have a powerful voice in the world of social media to look into the reasons behind the condition of these forgotten bunch. Please question the people who are responsible to sort solutions for the public until they provide us an answer. Yes beside the Government , society is responsible, and individuals are responsible for their own life choice but can we not amend a few government policies so that a few vulnerable members of our society can be lent a hand when needed? Trust us, that these homeless folks had good lives and big dreams. Not only do we need to help them but we also need to prevent more individuals joining these streets due to reasons such as mental illness, lack of government assisted counseling or due to one or two bad choices. 30% increase in the homeless count in 3 years is an alarming statistic that cant just be put on the back burner. Kindly assist. Our conscious can't allow us to simply turn our back on them and wait for them to die one day or the other due to drug overdoes or inability to handle weather conditions. Please find time yourself to join us for 15-20 minutes on April 23, 2017, between 11:30 to 1:30pm or any other day that is convenient for you to see it for yourself. Please donate to Our Global Village or other organizations that are assisting in the meantime until a more permanent solution can be sorted. With high hopes from you, Meera Gill On behalf of the OGV volunteer team

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