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The Green Global Connection

Our Global Village was honored to host yet another trend setting forum with the following speakers:

Prof. Pritam Singh, Oxford Brookes University. Spoke about global situation, historic account, current perspective and future relationship between environment, and politics.

His long 28 years with the Oxford Brook's in Economics department has been spent on Environmental and Development Economy of the globe with a special reference to Punjab.

Padma Shri, Balbir Singh Seechewal aka "Eco Baba" spoke about his Kali bhei project with which he got cleaned 160 km long water body and managed the sevweraged water to make is useful for irrigation. 50 villages are getting benefits from this water purification system. Furthermore he has provided educations facility from elementary to Masters programs.

City of Surrey- Tom Gill and Neal Welcomed both the international guests in the city of Surrey and shared the many projections like community gardening and tree planing projects that have been hosted by the City of Surrey.

Member of Paliament, Mr. Sukh Dhaliwal welcomed both the honored guests in our city and congratulated on their efforts in the field of preserving the environment. He stated that our Prime Minister has issued a clear mandate on climate and government will take due actions to meet the obligation of Canada at the international stage.

Member of Parliament, Randeep Singh Sarai welcomed both the honored guests and thanked Our Global Village Foundation for acting as a trend setter in the community. He shared his first meeting with the Our Global Village team as a participant of the Federal Debate that was hosted first time in the history for the public for nine running candidates for the three federal constituencies. He further reiterated with Mr. Dhaliwal had mentioned that the Canadian government will uphold its commitment to the Canadians and global citizens to do their part in preserving the environment.

Our Global Village offered a concluding opportunity to the guests to be in a dialogue with our guest speakers.

We thanks all attendees with a special mention of Jatinder Jay Minhas, Amarjeet Singh, Mohan Gill, Jarnail Singh Artist, Jarnail Singh Sekha,Inderjit Khattra,Sukhi Bath, Hardev Singh, Parminder Swaich, Gurbaj Brar, Harkirat Kaur Chahal, Sarbjit Singh Jasbir Narwal, Jatinder Singh Bhatia,Amy Josh,Manjit Nagra, Sarbjit Singh Sandhuand many others.

More intensive interview with Mr. Pritam Singh will be shared soon.

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