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Lohrhi 2018 (cultural celebration)

Respected all, We invited our professional photographer friends, to our last Annual gala 2018, Our Seniors; Our Pride. They took portrait shots of our seniors and on Jan 12, 2019 we celebrated Lohri with seniors and gifted them their framed portraits. Much of love was celebrated, cultural heritage was exchanged, appreciated and reminded of. We are able to offer such services to our society and hold various projects, with the kind assistance of our donors. We thank all our donors, supporters and all those who continue to offer suggestions on how to get better at what we do. Kind regards and best wishes for Lohrhi to you all. May the kindness and warmth in our relationships continue to guide us on how to take this learning to the world outside of our immediate circle. Meera Gill On behalf of Our Global Village Charitable Foundation

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