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Mindful Parenting; Our Children Our Future

Hello friends,

Since 2015, many parents of Surrey have unfortunately lost their children to overdose on drugs and gang violence. Our Global Village held its initial antidrug awareness workshops for parents, grandparent and children during 2015. Since then we have worked on many fronts both to understand the competing and complex social issues within Surrey as well as have raised awareness about these issues in the community. Along with our society, dedicated and combined efforts of many of other socially responsible groups have resulted in Surrey gaining various governmental programs, more funding for WRAP program and more enforcement officers on duty.

While the Surrey community has asked the government to do more, we think that we as parents can also do more to better parent our children. Therefore we brought together a unique and robust information forum on parenting to celebrate Canada Day. Our children are growing during this fast-paced, individualistic, socially glamourous, technologically advanced and highly volatile social realities. During this forum, we broke down parenting into various aspects such as role and importance of effective communication, sports, education, social/community welfare, mental wellness, climate, finance management, and more.

Our distinguished guests spoke conclusively on each of these important topics to offer ways for us to approach parenting in light of ground realities of the twenty-first century. Our guest list included Pritam Singh, Professor, Oxford Brooks Univesity , Engr. Jaswant Singh Zafar, social advoate, and a writer, Baldev Mutta, CEO of Punjabi Community Health Services (Ontario) , Mandeep Kaur Sidhu, first South Asian police officer in NewZealand and more. It was a free community event being hosted with the help of local donors and suporter of Our Global Village Charitable Foundation.

Thank you to all family and friends that attended to this glaring situation together as a community.

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