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Glimpse of a pause: Mental illness

A place of loss, feeling of betrayal, all things become meaningless, world looks like a big lie, feet turn into heavy stones, brain refuses to engage; desire to fake a smile diminishes, motivation to make a difference sinks in a deep hole and self regulating fight of staying still continues. It feels as if one is at a pause.

The entire world turns into a live theatre where characters are pretending to be what they are not, saying what they do not believe in, and doing what they can't own up to. At this stage one turns their back to this world and says, " I AM NOT INTERESTED".." I am not interested in being part of this world".

What happens then??? The person disconnects further. Process of disengagements continues. The person neither stays capable of addressing it nor asking for any the needed help.

At this stage you need caring friends, wise coworkers and people who understand science behind thought process. Our thought process impacts our believes, leading this all up to our actions and their consequences. You need professional counseling service that can become a bridge from where you are to where you must go. This time when you will be moving again, your life journey will be with a better understanding of your surroundings and knowing that the rules you were following before needs a little tweaking.

Counseling is not an easily accepted activity in South Asian community. However, people must realize two things, one that we don’t have circles of support what we or our parents had back home, secondly our generation have to deal with thousands times more information and situations than what the past generations had to deal with. It is not a sign of weakness but wisdom that you are going to the doctor for an illness that you do not have a home remedy for, simple.

We must also know that countless issues in personal and work life are due to lack of trusted bodies in our lives. Judgment has become norm of society and most people lack human connections to whom a life question can be asked; sorrows, worries and bad experiences of life can be shared. Exponentially perpetuating fake social decorum, supported by the high-speed technology around us is non accepting of each other's physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational and financial limitations. Perfection and greatness in all things from hair, face, kids. house, job, car, and travel is expected but not in emotional intelligence. This state of isolation in big crowds continues to suffocate our individual existences.

What do you do when you are in the midst of all this?

Then to rebuild trust within and outside. One must take risk of talking to someone or some organization that can allow you to be you; reminds you that you are much bigger than your problems; that you are wiser than the situations around you; that your life is yours and if you owe something to someone then that first person is you; and you must take care of yourself in order for you to offer anything to this world. One can take as much time as they need to heal and to be ready but ultimately it is the journey one must start within and complete amidst of

this world full of people, some of whom will be at the similar wavelength and others won't.

How do I know all this?

Because I have lived through this deep sadness and have taught myself out of this with the help of divinely friends and professional help.

To belong and actively contribute to humanity let’s either lend a hand or ask for one as life is too precious to let go to waste without living and giving it fully!!!

Own your life story and write it well too!!

Meera Gill

Our Global Village Charitable Foundation

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