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Blankets for Homeless (2017 Sahibzada Shahidi Diwas)

Respected all:

The day Punjabis will once again collectively start valuing the truth, the deep pride in hard work, integrity and the freedom; the day they will collectivity start valuing the sacrifice for such worthy causes; the day they will stop falling for the glamour of stolen, snatched, manipulated or made up recognition or image, that would be the day they will realize the unmatchable heritage that they have.

That would be the day they will become capable of giving tribute to the ultimate wisdom and sacrifices of Gurus for the humanity and all the people of that land.

That would be the day they will realize what it takes for 6-9 years old children to stand as a mountain in front of terror and greed.

That would be day they will once again realize the value of freedom and will go after it with wisdom, passion and as a responsibility towards themselves and for others in need.

Today we congratulate all who have read, understood and felt the passion lived by Sahib-e- kamaal Guru Gobind Singh, four of his sons (respectfully called Sahibzade) , his entire family and all Sikhs who gave their lives for the freedom of HIND and wish that we continue working towards building a compassionate, respectable and fair society.

May your lives be purposeful as well as rewarding in the years to come.

In their memory we serve each year the most vulnerable of us with the support of local friends and businesses. This year we served hot meals, and distributed new blankets and other essential items twice, once on the Dec 19th and then again on Dec 24th.

Thank you all,

Meera Gill

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