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Annual Gala (2019): Strong families, Strong community

This years we celebrated "Strong Families, Strong Community." During our 4th Annual Gala for the many successes leading up to today, we as a community celebrated our 5 years of working together!

2016 we dedicated our Annual gala to the awareness about organ donation and called it - Gift of life!

2017 we dedicated our Annual gala to shatter the stigma of mental illness and called it - Flight of Freedom

2018 we dedicated our Annual gala to our seniors and celebrated their many gifts to us and called it- Our seniors; our blessings

2019 we dedicated our Annual Gala to our families and calling it - Strong families, strong community.

We took initiatives to not only bring intense focus on various parenting priories but also made efforts to broaden its scope to include social, political, financial, cultural, sports and role of education in raising responsible, happy and progressive generation. During this past year with each project, workshop and even our annual, our focus has remained our children, our families and our community.

Like every year, in our gala this year again we took our guests to a soulful fun-filled event that they will remember for years to come. Thank you to the supporters, donors and caring families who celebrated with us together!

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