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Food service for homes, Dec 2016 (Sahibzada Shahidi Diwas)

Respected all:

Punjab by default has been a caring compassionate land for centuries that are known to the historian. Many waves of disaster and brutality have come and gone leaving marks and glories in our hearts. All of us from that mother land, in one way or the others, one time or another have or will live up to the standards of that inseparable compassionate value of our blood stream.

Punjabis have moved to various parts of the world since early 1900. Wherever we have gone we have taken our heritage along with us.

Today we are remembering the bravest decisions made by our youngest martyr of this world when the most horrendous crimes were being committed against them. Sahibzada Shahidi divas is a historic example of bravery and sacrifice that Sikh blood has to protect the vulnerable.

Our Global Village Charitable Foundation with all your support will be serving food to our homeless community at Lookout Emergency Aid Societyat their Surrey location today at 5:00pm. . We will try to go Fb LIVE to bring you all together on this journey with us.

Regards to all

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